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Are you unhappy in life despite having an important title and good money? Or lost and aimless not knowing how to ‘right your ship’ and how to go from where you are to where you really want to go?

Have you just graduated from university and overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the real world? Or the lack of opportunities in your chosen field?

Do you even know the direction you are going to or are you just coasting life, as if just existing, letting others choose for you ?

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Do you want to recover from the pain of divorce? Do you want to know where you can go from there? Do your kids feel safe and not forgotten after all the pain they have been through?

Let’s be honest. Divorce is painful for everyone involved not only emotionally and psychologically, but also financially. It is especially emotionally devastating for the people who were blind-sided.

Through our years of learning different coping methods in divorce recovery, we have formulated our own Signature Program. This is the result you are going to get: a step-by-step method on how to get relief from the pain and your life back in track in weeks, and not years, like most people do. 

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Feeling unfulfilled or burnt out ? Do you find that you have to drag yourself each morning to work only to spend the whole day doing the same unfulfilling job again?

Maybe you have been let go after decades of building your career, and found yourself at the starting line of life once more competing with Millenials, lost in the technology-oriented work environment of today?

Or are you just starting out in life and have yet to choose the right job on which to build your career?

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Get our free Career Worksheet and uncover the greatest areas of improvement you can do for your career, or learn what jobs where in you will thrive. Reserve a free 60-minute, no commitment Discovery Session call now.

Our Story

Hong Kong Victoria Harbour with tourist junkboat

Thrivers Circle’s story started in Hong Kong in 2013. I had been working as Professional Career Coach helping newly graduated students understand what it takes to find a job that they are interested in which can evolve into a career that they would love.

While doing this, I also had numerous women, 40s and over who were let go from their work due to changes in their organisations, or unhappiness, discontentment in their jobs or work environment. Throw in there, family issues too. It was not exclusive to women of that age, though.

Disillusioned men who stayed too long in their jobs which did not turn out to be as they had expected, let go or could not go on ‘one more day’, came to see me hoping I could help them ‘get a job’ and ‘they’d finally be happy’.

Hong Kong has dropped five spots to rank 76th in the United Nations’ annual world happiness rankings, falling below Pakistan and just above Portugal.


At the back of my mind, I know that most of the people who saw me were burnt out. It is difficult to do otherwise when the culture of the city itself dictates that work comes first.

Hong Kong, up until this writing is still deliberating whether to write an ordinance setting down regular working hours.

In 2014, a research by Lingnan University, found that 52% of Hong Kong respondents aged 40 and below, said they were unhappy.

Meanwhile in the US, the market for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs was valued at more than $3.3 billion, and is expected to reach about $3.8 billion in 2020. It’s now acceptable to ‘pop a pill’ to avoid our emotions and live a life ‘free of pain’.

We are in the middle of an unparalleled, worldwide mental health crisis.

It’s little wonder life & wellness coaching is so popular.

Nothing changes, though. We ‘pop a pill’ and expect everything to change and serve us, but we fall even deeper when this ‘sense of entitlement’ and inability to face ‘imagined or actual slight or challenges’ are met with ‘perceived rejection or indifference’. Down the rabbit hole we fall further.

In 2015, Singapore had the highest rate of depression in Asia

World Health Organisation, WHO

It doesn’t help that we, humans, have abused our environment to the point that whatever is good to nourish our body is now also poison to us. For something as ubiquitous as cosmetics and skin care, they are made with toxins which mess with our hormones and sperm, do I even need to mention our minds?

There is no ‘over-the-counter’ cure for social media bullying.

Electronics, which helped make the world smaller, has also made it bigger, in the way that there are more audience now to give their unsolicited judgment on everything that you post, no matter how harmless and well-meaning.

How about the parade of ‘in-your-face ads’ that are so relentless they invade us even in our sleep telling us that our worth is in what we own? And the media constantly fear-mongering as if teasing to push us to live in constant fear.

Are we going to just accept this the new ‘default’?

We have always been told to ‘pursue happiness’, with little regard to our health and well-being, but people are still looking for help and support. To find happiness.

People need to know they are enough. They need to be comfortable in their own skin. It’s not their fault though, they haven’t learned that there other ways.

We. Simply. Weren’t. Taught. To. Live. Life.

That’s one big clue why we’re unhappy. We’ve been shown we have to buy happiness, through material things – designer goods and pills! From society. From social media. From our parents.

I’ve always been a self-improvement and wellness enthusiast for as long as I could remember. For years, I know to find happiness, I should be the one to give it to me.

I read books, listened to audiobooks, and learned everything I could. Topics included happiness, psychology, success, health, fitness, mindfulness, spirituality, creativity, and many similar subjects. I consumed these contents after I’d made sure the kids are tucked in. Often, I’d wake in the morning with my headphones still on.

I did this while working a full time job, as Sales Director in our trading company. I was also the primary parent to our two children, as my husband then was frequently travelling and we had no close family nearby.

I was proud of my kids, my job and my achievements. All these, and a mis-timed decision to add a Master’s degree to my challenges. I wanted to do something for me and make my own mark in my life.

Yet I was told I was wrong to put ‘me’ out of all the things I already was making sure were taken care of. Often, I was told by women who know me, that I was ‘strong’, as if it was wrong to be one.

Somehow, somewhere, someone was looking out for me and prodded me to move towards progress. I am fortunate it prepared me for what most people would never have to encounter in their lifetime.

I endured an abusive marriage to a narcissistic person. A little over 2 years, I lost my job, went through a divorce, and a long-winded, ‘never-ending’ court case filed by a vindictive ex-husband. And despite the court giving me custody of our children, I had to cede them to their father as I had no means of income.

When all the dust had settled and I had my life back on track, I was close to bankruptcy and being homeless but at least I could finally concentrate on processing my grief.

I used every tool and resource I learned in my self-help learnings to piece myself back together. I didn’t have a choice, I had to.

I was left with nothing but the seed inside myself that told me “now, it’s your turn to take care of you”.

It did help through all these, that I never lost my sense of humour.

“What does your conscience say? — You should become the person you are.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

It also helped that my kids were old enough to understand that I needed to recover. I was exhausted mentally, emotionally and financially.

Step by half-step, I figured out a strategy that applied to my greatest adversity, applied to business as well. The fastest way around any challenge is straight through it. You have to avoid going around it and experience life in the process.

And it is a process, not an event.

I have discovered the purpose in my own adversity. I’m meant to help others find their purpose, even after trauma, and their own way straight through – as a guide, coach and supporter.

So I started Thrivers Circle. Happily, I found others who are on the same journey as me with similar goals, and we decided to join together as a group. We are all qualified and Certified Life Coaches or Master Life Coaches, in the following niches: Life Purpose Life Coach, Goal Setting Success Life Coach, REBT, CBT and NLP Mindset Coach, Solution-Focused Therapist.

At Thrivers Circle, we help survivors, and the casualties of divorce, find purpose by leading emotionally fulfilling lives and careers.

It doesn’t matter if you have yet to find your purpose after adversity. If you had not suffered adversity but are just about to step into the real world, drowning in choices or the lack of them. If you simply have no idea how to start. Even if you are currently working, but are feeling unfulfilled and want to take it to the next level. We have a solution for you.

We invite you to schedule your 60 minute Discovery Session. There is no obligation, to work with us: no hidden fine print, no catch, no commitment. You’ll finish the call with a clear action plan to achieve your goals whatever route you decide to take.

Because these calls are complimentary, there’s limited appointments available. Click on the button above to apply for your session today.